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Our History

InterpretCan has been in business for over 40 years providing Interpretation and translation services in Canada and internationally.



To only work with the best talent. InterpretCan only works with certified professionals and picks the best-talented people available with many years of experience. When you work with Interpretcan from the time of your request, we help plan all the interpretation needs as far ahead of your conference's date as you would like to give you peace of mind. Contact us, and we can get into the details of your specific requirements. 

Our Philosophy 

To help the world communicate. Starting with our Interpreters and translators' passion for language and words at our foundation, being well understood is one of the things people most want in life both personally and professionally. At least some of the time, we can do a small part to make that a reality. 

World Class experience

  • Papal visit to Canada. Personal interpretation for the Pope. 

  • Ottawa and Williamsburg Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations

  • World Congress of Critical and Intensive Care Medicine

  • World Congress of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences

  • National and international medical congresses

  • Provincial and national and international union conferences

  • Canadian court judges seminars

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