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The World's Best Interpreters & Translators For Conferences, Meetings & Events 

Always the right words

  • InterpretCan provides comprehensive interpretation services

  • Advice to conference organizers  

  • Remote interpretation services 

  • All we need is the make-up, purpose, length, and languages of your event

  • InterpretCan will take care of everything else 

  • Advice on minimizing cost, the development of a plan, a budget, recruiting of interpreters, contracts

  • InterpretCan also offers expert translation services for all pre-and post-event written materials, including agenda, position papers, reports, minutes, technical translation, or any other documentation

Our Services



Comprehensive conference planning for interpretation services with the world's best interpreters


World-class document translation as simple as a passport and as complicated as jet engine specifications

In business for over 40 years

Founded in Ottawa, Canada by Carole Gold


Trusted by Government & Private Industry

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