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Welcome to the Interpretcan blog

Our goal with the blog is to answer the public's questions and concerns related to the services of interpretation and translation services and interpretation and translation in general. It's a big wide world and people are so connected and yet language is a barrier. Interpretcan bridges that barrier.

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French Canadian Translations- Oui, Oui!

Contact Interpretcan about French Canadian Translation The French language is widely spoken worldwide and is one of the most commonly learned languages in schools. However, it's essential to understan

Legal Translation Services - Objection!

Legal translation services are specialized and comprehensive. Translators must possess legal, linguistic and cultural knowledge to render legal documents accurately in the target language. It is impor

Certified Translation - A path forward

Contact Interpretcan for any of your translation needs Certified translation is the process of translating official documents from one language to another while ensuring that the translated document r


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